Morrow County Hospital 2.5 mil Levy Renewal

At the Public Meeting on February 19, 2020 at the Marengo American Legion, I was asked to estimate the amount of taxes for each $100,000 in property value. In support of transparency and accuracy, here is specific and current 2019payable2020 information concerning the actual charges to all Morrow County taxpayers:

  • $100,000 market value x 35%= $35,000 assessed value (AS)
  • Hospital levy is a renewal of 2.5 mils & effectively charged at 1.669597 mils.
  • $35,000 (AS) x .001669597 levy effective rate = $58 per $100,000 of market value.

At the meeting I estimated $35 for every $100,000 of market value using a 1 mil fully effective levy which is accurate; however, $35 x 2.5mils=$87.5 per $100,000 not $105 per $100,000.

Morrow County Auditor Patricia K. Davies