Levy Information
Levy Information

Replacement Levy

This actually replaces the levy that is currently voted in. This can be a replacement with an increase or decrease or exactly the same millage. Usually this is done when the original levy went on many years prior. This actually works like a new levy, because a levy reduces each year to accommodate the new values. Example: In 1990 a 2 mill levy was voted in, but currently it is reduced to a 0.589000, therefore you are basically paying a half mill levy versus a 2 full mill levy. See the difference of a $100,000 dollar market value home:

100,000 x 35% = 35,000 35,000 x .000589000 = $20.62 / year for taxes on this levy

100,000 x 35% = 35,000 35,000 x .002 = $70.00 / year for taxes on this replacement levy

70.00 - 20.62 = $49.38 increase in taxes you pay, should the replacement levy pass.

Continuing Levy

This is a levy that if it passes it is on the books forever. The only way to get this levy off is to file a petition and have another vote to remove it from the books. This levy will be reduced (reduction factored by the state of Ohio) yearly, to accomodate the raise in values.

New Levy

This is a New Tax. Should it pass you will pay more taxes. To figure the amount of the tax for your property, see below:

Take your current Market Value x 35%, the 35% figure you come up with is known as your assessed value. This is the value you will actually see on your tax bill. You can also call the County Auditor's Office and find out the market and/or assessed value of your property.

For a 1 mill levy take the assessed value times .001,

For a 2 mill levy take the assessed value times .002, etc., etc.

Now, for a 1/2 mill levy take the assessed value times .0005

For a .60 levy take the assessed value times .0006.


80,000 (market value) x 35% = 28,000

28,000 x .0006 = $16.80 = Taxes per year, on a .60 levy.

Renewal Levy

This is just a renewal of the current tax on the books. This will not raise your taxes.

Additional Levy

Works the same as a New levy. Currently you already have a levy on for the specified reason for the levy. This would be in addition to the current levy on the books.

Should you have any questions on tax levies, or need assistance, you can contact the Morrow County Auditor's Office at (419) 946-4060. We will be glad to assist you on any current tax levies that are to be placed on the Ballots for election. We encourage an informed voter.