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Thank you for visiting our website!  This site was designed to provide you with relevant, useful information on the operations of the Auditor's office.  Our goal is to provide information and services as efficiently and accurately as possible, in ways that are relatable and accessible.  I welcome any feedback you can provide for its improvement to serve you better.

Again, thank you.  It is my honor and pleasure to serve as your Auditor!


Conni McChesney

Morrow County Auditor

Announcements From the Auditor...

Modernizing Morrow County

"Vision 8" coming to Morrow County !  

The Auditor & Treasurer's Offices have started the transition to a new Real Estate software called Vision 8.  Vision 8 is CAMA & Tax software designed as state-of-the-art technology which offers cloud hosted access and advanced appraisal configurations.  

 In 2023, Auditor's Office will be open from

8 to 4 pm Monday to Friday except all Federal Holidays. 

If calling the Auditor's Office outside these hours, please leave a detailed message.

Email property questions to:  [email protected] 

Thank you for your understanding and consideration!  

 Conni McChesney

Morrow County Auditor

Morrow County, Love life, Live rural.

News and Announcements


  1.  2020 Property Valuation Questions & Answers - learn more at 2020 Update Story Map - Click Here
  2. Real Estate Appraisers are looking at newly constructed buildings in the summer months. All appraisers have identification, Vehicle signs and light bar in the back window. County Dispatchers have their vehicle license plate numbers. Call 419-946-4060 if you have questions.
  3. CAUV Annual Inspections: Morrow County Soil & Water staff are in the field all spring & summer inspecting parcels for new CAUV applications, pastures and woodlands. The S&W staff drive a County vehicle and have identification. Call 419-946-4060 if you have questions.
News and Announcements

Public Notices:

On April 24, the Morrow County Board of Revision will meet for the purpose of reviewing Complaints Against the Valuation of Real Property at the Morrow County Court House, Court Room 4 at 2:00 pm.

Complainants may, but are not required to attend. If a Complainant chooses not to attend this Review meeting, it will not affect the decision of the Board. If your complaint is not approved you will be notified by mail and set for further hearing which will require you to appear.

Morrow County Budget Commission

In 2023, the Morrow County Budget Commission will meet monthly on the second Monday and as needed on the fourth Monday, except per ORC in February and August on the First Monday of the month, at 1:00 pm in the Morrow County Auditor’s Office located at 48 East High Street, Room 7, Mount Gilead, OH 43338.

All Special Meetings will be advertised 24 hours in advance by posted public notice at http://morrowcountyohio.gov and/or http://auditor.co.morrow.oh.us 


Morrow County Board of Revisions

In 2023, the office of the Board of Revisions shall be open every day from eight thirty (8:30) a.m. to four (4) p.m., Saturday, Sundays and legal holidays excluded.   

The Board shall consist of the Auditor, Treasurer, and a member of the Board of County Commissioners selected by the Board of County Commissioners or their statutorily appointed designees. 

The Board shall be in continuous session and open for the transaction of business during the business hours herein provided. 

All sessions shall be open to the public and sessions of the Board shall stand and be adjourned without further notice thereof on its record.